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Instagram Restaruant Review: Cuba Cuba Sandwicheria

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to taste some of Cuba Cuba's food last week. We've eaten nearby, but was never enticed to try their food. I think though, I will definitely be back. 

While we were waiting for the group to arrive, I was making conversation with the other group members about Cuban coffee called cortaditos and we decided to get a cup. What is a cortadito? A cuban espresso shot topped with sweet evaporated milk.
I thought I'd be loopy and/or wired since I haven't had coffee in ages, but this helped me out:
We started off our tasting menu with mini white sangrias and mojitos. Then we had mini empanadas (beef and veggie) which were so tasty, I couldn't resist having a couple more.
Then, we dug into our Cuban and veggie sandwiches served next to a yummy garlic sauce. Again, I definitely helped myself to these as well.
It's funny because I grew up in Florida and I've never had the taste of Cuban food. The owner, from Florida as well talked with us about how the food is prepared (the bread coming from Florida) and how she started the business in Colorado.
While waiting for our bread pudding, we snacked on some plantains, plantain chips, and then had a little taste of heaven when our caramel bread pudding arrived. We also got to try their flan, which to be honest, I haven't ever tasted either. Both desserts were SO good, I went and bought full servings to bring home to Matt. Surprisingly, I didn't immediately eat the whole thing, but if Matt had not been home, I just may have.
Thanks for reading about my experience tasting my first bite of Cuban food. It is a fantastic small place and I recommend you all try it. And hopefully someone buys me a real camera so I can phase away from these Instagram photos :).

Check them out here:

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  1. Ha what a funny face I'm making ;) love your header on the blog!!